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Currency Converter

Currency converter tool for quick check on foreign exchange rates      

Gold & Silver

Gold & Silver : both are available in the 5 major currencies, which are all in carats

Crude oil price

also available in the app with charts from 1 day to 1 month                    

Google map

Google map: available in the app showing directions for the nearest exchange branches near by

Manage everything
in one place

The ultimate go to for live rates that are updated in real time every minute. We offer our services for our users who seek fast yet reliable prices for gold, silver, oil and global currencies. Plus we analyze registered exchange rates and historical charts. These trends are for all currencies using a variety of tables and graphs to choose from. All you need to do is a simple "shake to convert" and problem is solved. To seal it, it stores the last updated rates so it even works when in Airplane mode (without internet).

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About us

At ta7weel, our mission is to simplify worldwide exchange. The latest technology is used through the application for secure and quick deals. We regularly update our technology to be on balance with continuous advancements in the market. The dedication is nonstop to get the fastest route to the best foreign exchange solutions for the world.

News Calendar

News calendar: - showing details for any news coming up for any currency, commodity or oil news

Live broadcast

Live broadcast: - via channels with notifications sent for any news by the minute for your enjoyment live

News Page

News list page updated every minute. Available in English and Arabic

Charts Page

Charts page available for the base currency against any currency                


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Currency Converter

Our awesome app for live currency.

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